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Golden Opportunity Grants

Golden Opportunity Grants, our hallmark initiative, epitomize our dedication to supporting our classrooms, whether through project-specific funding requests or providing lifelong tools. Through these grants, teachers have the opportunity to connect with community members interested in bringing these projects to fruition. If you are an SCS educator seeking funding, kindly complete the Educator Request Form.

Grant Cycles and Deadlines:

  • - Grants are awarded biannually in August and January.

  • - The application deadline for the August Grant Cycle is June 1st.

  • - The application deadline for the January Grant Cycle is November 1st.

Award Amounts:

- Grants must not exceed $1,000 to be considered for funding.

Shelbyville Central Education Foundation Golden Opportunities Grants - Empowering the Future!

Are you passionate about education and committed to bringing positive change to schools and educational programs? Look no further! Shelbyville Central Education Foundation Grants are now seeking funding partners to support educational initiatives and empower the next generation.

We proudly invite you to join hands with us in making a significant impact on education. Our grants are specifically designed to provide financial assistance to education foundations and institutions in need. By supporting these worthy causes, you become an integral part of shaping bright minds and fostering a love for lifelong learning.

Why choose Education Foundation Grants?

  1. Empower Students: Your contribution makes a direct impact on students' lives, providing them with access to quality education, resources, and opportunities they deserve.

  2. Enhancing Teaching Methods: Our grants support innovative teaching techniques, professional development programs, and digital learning initiatives that revolutionize classrooms and enrich educators' skills.

  3. Promote Equity and Inclusion: We are committed to bridging the educational divide, ensuring that every student, regardless of their background, has an equal chance to thrive and succeed.

  4. Community Engagement: Your partnership with us extends beyond the classroom, fostering community involvement and collaboration to create a vibrant learning ecosystem.

  5. Lasting Results: We believe in the power of sustainable change. By investing in education, you lay the foundation for a brighter future, benefiting generations to come.

Join us today and become a catalyst for change. When you support Shelbyville Central Education Foundation Grants, you invest in the potential of countless students and educators, transforming dreams into reality.

Visit Golden Opportunities Grants below or contact us to learn more about how you can contribute to Shelbyville Central Education Foundation Grants and make a lasting impact on education. Together, let's unlock the doors of knowledge and opportunity!

Remember, education is the key to a brighter future - and you hold that key. Act now and be a part of the educational revolution!

See UNFUNDED PROJECTS below to see if there is a Golden Opportunity you would like to support.

If you would like to support start by contacting SCEF at 317-392-2505 or email Andy Snow at to make your donation.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our Shelbyville Central classrooms!

Unfounded Projects

Coulston Elementary:

  • - 450 shirts for PBIS reward system

We are developing our PBIS reward system and currently acknowledge students in each class per grading period as "Supersonic Comets." These students would receive a t-shirt as one of their rewards, and it is delightful to see them proudly wearing their shirts throughout the school year.

Shelbyville Middle School:

  • - 10 power banks

  • - 20 lightning iPad cables

   Students frequently encounter difficulty maintaining a charge on their iPads throughout the day due to extensive usage and battery life limitations. These power banks will enable students to continue their digital coursework in class. The requested items will ensure that students have access to the essential tools needed for academic success.

Shelbyville Middle School:

  • - 20 Packs of (3 in a pack) Kids stylus pens

These stylus pens are instrumental in various programs where students showcase their work on iPads, enhancing accuracy and reducing frustration.

Hendricks Elementary:

  • - 2 packs of Cardinal Economy 3-Ring Binders, 1", Round Rings, Holds 225 Sheets

  • - 4 packs of Blue Summit Supplies 12 Month Dividers for Binders, Jan to Dec Monthly Tabs, Includes Customizable Table of Contents Index, 6 Sets

 In order to organize samples of student writing throughout the school year, we would like to provide binders and dividers for all my students. These binders will be used to showcase students' writing growth and progress, serving as a valuable reflection tool to be sent home with the students at the end of the year.

Shelbyville High School:

  • Inventory database system for props and costumes

We are requesting $700 to invest in an inventory system that will enable us to catalog and label all costumes and props by size, usage, and location within the backstage area. Currently, our theatre department lacks a centralized database to track dozens of items scattered across spaces behind the stage and in the basement. Props stored in deteriorating cardboard boxes and costumes dispersed in various areas require proper storage solutions. This grant will support the purchase of storage containers, hangers, garment bags, and inventory software to streamline management and organization.

For detailed cost information, please refer to:

Shelbyville High School:

  • Student Support Initiatives:

In our inaugural year of implementing Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), we have outlined three key initiatives for the 2023 - 2024 academic year:

  • Greeting students at the door: Emphasizing connection over correction with friendly gestures like greetings, high fives, or fist bumps.

  • Confidentiality: Committing to privacy by refraining from discussing students in their presence to promote emotional safety and well-being.

  • Provision of water, snacks, mints, and a self-regulation space: Teaching students self-regulation techniques and empowering them to communicate needs effectively for stress management and personal growth.

Your support in implementing these initiatives is invaluable to our students and the school community at Shelbyville High School. Thank you for considering our proposals.

Loper Elementary School

Multilingual Learning Support:

To enhance our students' reading experience and facilitate multilingual learning, we are requesting

  • (2) Essentials Bundles, each including a Kindle Paperwhite with Wi-Fi, supported by ads,

  • Amazon Fabric Cover

  • Power Adapter.

Expanding the definition of translation to include a wider range of languages is vital for overcoming linguistic barriers and promoting inclusivity.

The Kindle's language translation feature plays a pivotal role in this effort by enabling text translation into various languages, fostering effective communication, and connecting people across different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Importance of Translation:

Translation serves as a vital bridge that transcends linguistic limitations, allowing individuals to connect and communicate effectively on a global scale. Devices like Kindle, equipped with translation capabilities, play a significant role in promoting connectivity by facilitating text comprehension in users' native languages. As our students progress through 2nd to 5th grade, engaging with novels becomes an essential part of their learning journey. It is our aspiration that all students, including Multilingual Learners, can immerse themselves in novels alongside their peers, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for literature.

Your support in providing these resources will empower our students to engage meaningfully with reading materials and promote inclusivity in our learning environment. Thank you for considering our proposal to enhance multilingual learning at Loper Elementary School.