Counseling Office Services

Shelbyville High School
School Counseling Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Shelbyville High School Counseling Program is to empower all students to experience educational success by providing guidance in the areas of academic, career, and citizenship development; counseling to help students overcome challenges that interfere with learning; and advocacy for an environment that supports high achievement for all students. Through the school counseling program, students become successful life-long learners, responsible and actively involved citizens, and productive, culturally-aware members of a global economy.

Academic Advising
In late January-early February, the school counselors will meet with students as a group through their English classes for pre-enrollment for the following school year. Pre-enrollment is done online through PowerSchool. Parents will be invited to schedule an appointment to meet with their student and the counselor in February. From March through May, the school counselors will meet with each of their students individually to finalize the student's course selection and ensure that they are on track for graduation, have selected or narrowed down their career pathway, and have explored AP and Dual Credit opportunities. Students do not need to sign up for these individual meetings, and course scheduling is not done on a first-come, first-served basis. The counselors will begin with juniors and then move on to sophomores and then freshmen. Parents will be able to view their student's course selections and alternates in PowerSchool. For more information on scheduling, course offerings, and graduation requirements please visit the Course Guide/Scheduling Info page.

Career Guidance
All SHS and SMS students have access to Naviance, a comprehensive college and career readiness platform that enables self-discovery, career exploration, academic planning, and college preparation. The SHS Counseling Office utilizes this site, which offers career interest and skills inventories, college selection tools, information about courses to take related to specific career goals, and scholarship and financial aid information.

Group Counseling
The SHS Counseling Offices offers a number of groups throughout the school year regarding different topics. Group counseling opportunities will be announced throughout the school years.  Permission slips can be returned to the Counseling Office.

Mentoring Services
Mrs. Beyer & Mrs. Decker oversee the Student to Student Mentoring Program. Please click on the link below for more information.

Mentee Application (Grades 9-10)