Credit Lab & SAC

Credit Lab
Credit Lab is an important program that allows students that have previously failed a class to recover that credit. In doing so, students can stay on track for graduation. Credit Lab is very different from the traditional classroom setting. Students complete their work using Apex Learning, an internet based program that is aligned to all Indiana and National Academic standards. Highly qualified teachers facilitate learning and answer any questions students may have. The course material students complete is the same as that of a traditional class, but the presentation is completely different. Apex is based on mastery learning and is completely self-paced. In other words, students can move as quickly or as slowly through the material as they need to. Students can quickly complete material they have already mastered, and spend as long as necessary on more challenging topics until mastery is achieved. Credit Lab can be assigned to students by their school counselor instead of a study hall or as an after school requirement. In addition to time spent in class, students are encouraged to work on their Apex courses at home. Course material can be accessed at:

Student Achievement Center (SAC)

The Student Achievement Center began in 2006 and is located in the Shelbyville High School Field House. The goal for the program is to provide students with an alternative learning environment in which they can find academic success and complete a high school diploma. All academic courses are completed online via courseware aligned to Indiana and National Academic Standards. Most students are also required to participate in Career Exploration Internships and Community Service as well. Over 350 students have earned their high school diploma by attending the Student Achievement Center!

Essentially, there are three aspects to the Student Achievement Center. These are general requirements that most SAC students must fulfill in order to complete their high school diploma. However, because this is an alternative program, each student's education plan is different and based on his or her specific needs.

Students complete their academic courses via Apex Learning. Apex is a nationally recognized virtual learning program that allows students to complete academic courses via web-based instruction. All courses are aligned to state standards and cover the same material students would see in the traditional classroom setting. Students can work at their own pace to ensure mastery of the subject material. An instructor is present to answer questions and facilitate learning.

Career Exploration Internship
Most students are required to participate in a Career Exploration Internship, which awards up to 6 high school credits. Students are expected to find and maintain paid employment, accumulating a minimum of 180 hours per semester to earn credit. While that amount may seem high, it averages to about 10 hours a week. Students also participate in classroom activities designed to build resumes, improve interviewing skills, and prepare for college. Students that participate in a Blue River Career Center vocational class are exempt from this requirement.

Community Service
Students are also required to participate in a minimum of 48 hours of Community Service volunteer work each semester. This requirement helps to reconnect students to the community and helps students explore possible career interests. For example, a student interested in entering the health care profession would be encouraged to volunteer at a hospital or hospice. Students can receive up to two high school credits for Community Service.

Eligibility and Class Times
The general requirements for eligibility are that the student has a minimum of 20 credits toward graduation, does not have major attendance issues, and does not have an extensive history of discipline problems. The principal and school counselors determine which students are considered for enrollment. The Student Achievement Center offers two sessions daily. The morning session is from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. and the afternoon session is from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. Bus transportation is available for these sessions. Students are strongly encouraged to complete additional Apex work outside of class time by logging on to Apex at