How would a student go about seeing a counselor?

Counselors are available to see students throughout the school day. Students should fill out a counselor's slip at their convenience located in all classrooms and the counseling office. The slip should be turned in to the counseling office by the student or his teacher. Students will be sent a pass to come to the counseling office. Teachers have the final decision regarding releasing a student from their class. Sometimes circumstances will arise that take priority over a requested meeting. If so, the student will be seen as soon as possible.

How does a student order a copy of his or her high school transcript?

Click here to easily get & send transcripts

How can I reach my child's teachers via phone or e-mail?

Shelbyville High School has voicemail. When you call our school number (317) 398-9731, you will get a message. If you know the teacher's extension, enter the number and leave a message. If you do not know the extension, you can go to the Staff Directory on this website for teacher extensions and to contact them via e-mail. Please remember the teachers are in class throughout the day. They will call either during their prep period or after school. 

Can my child make a schedule change?

During the first week of a school semester, students may change their schedules only with the written approval of the teacher of the current course, the teacher of the new course, the counselor, a principal, and a parent. The following reasons are the only considerations given to changing a student's schedule after the individual conference of the previous year:

  • To meet a graduation requirement (i.e. make up a failed course)

  • To meet a documented college admission requirement (written documentation must be provided)

  • A medical reason verified by a detailed, written medical doctor's report

  • By teacher recommendation that the class is inappropriate for the student

Following the initial drop and add period in any semester, a student who is removed from a class for disciplinary reasons will receive a "WF" for the course for the semester. A "WF" is considered to be a 50% and this failing grade will figure into the GPA as a credit attempted.

Only one (1) study hall is permitted per semester.

Please note that requests for specific teachers, lunch periods, and teacher changes will not be honored unless, severe, extenuating circumstances are presented to the principal. Communication involving parents, student, and teacher is encouraged.

Where does my child get a work permit?

Work permits are obtained after a student has accepted a job. The employer should complete a white "Intent to Employ" card. This must have every box completed before turning it in to the main office. Work permits may be picked up in the MAIN office.

When should my child begin to obtain letters of recommendation for college applications?

Letters of recommendation are an important procedure in the college admission process. It is never too early to start preparing for the college application process. Our seniors are encouraged to provide a Faculty Recommendation Form with their school information sheet (list of activities, clubs, sports, etc...) or a copy of their Naviance resume to their teachers at least two weeks prior to their due date to allow appropriate time to process the letter.

What happens if my child does not pass the ISTEP+ Grade 10 exams in his/her sophomore year?

If your child does not pass the ISTEP+ graduation exams by the spring of his/her sophomore year, remediation will be recommended. Remediation opportunities are available during school, after school or in summer school. Students will have the opportunity to re-take the exam after participating in remediation activities. Exam retakes are offered two times a year in the junior and senior years. In the unlikely event that your child does not pass the ISTEP+ exams, contact his/her counselor to determine if he/she is eligible for a waiver.

Is there tutoring available at Shelbyville High School?

Always check with your teacher to see if you can come in for help before or after school. Our National Honor Society students offer tutoring free of charge. Tutoring lists can be obtained from a teacher or in the Counseling Office.

How do I enroll my child at Shelbyville High School?

Make an appointment with the assistant principals' secretary and bring the following documents to the main office:

  • Birth certificate

  • Proof of residency

  • Immunization records

  • Former school records or transcript

  • Custody or guardianship paperwork

  • ISTEP scores if available

After meeting with an assistant principal, the counseling staff will meet with you and your child to review the documents and arrange your schedule at SHS.